Supporting Families Pay Proper Tributes To Thier Loved Ones

We have been committed to supporting families to pay proper tribute to their loved ones through quality and properly finished caskets, paying attention to details along every bit of the manufacturing process because “a good life lived deserves a good bye.”

Our Pillars

One of the TopCasket and Coffin Makers

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality and properly finished Hardwood caskets at very affordable prices.

Unique Designs

We approach each product individually and with care

Because we have you in mind, every casket is made with special attention to detail and meticulously finished to its finest form. We use the highest quality of materials employed for the casket manufacturing and the overall finish of the interior and exteriors of our caskets thus we meet premium international standards.

How we work

Let’s help you easen the burden

At Aurumeg, we understand the heavy burden that is placed on families whose loved ones pass away. We also understand the enormous costs involved in the services that are required for a funeral service. We also acknowledge that these costs are unexpected, and we intend to help by providing the highest quality of coffins and caskets at the lowest prices. Our team and management have worked so hard to offer high quality caskets at surprisingly low prices.

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