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The stately Odupong Series is built with high quality Wood and is available in Dark Coffee and White with Golden accessories.

Key Features

  • Brown Coffee high gloss finish.
  • Nickel hardware.
  • Turned wood corner pillars.
  • White velvet interior.
  • Swing bar handles
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Why buy from Aurumeg

When you purchase An Aurumeg casket, you can be confident that you are selecting the very best product available.

Superior construction

No other casket company uses the meticulous construction processes that Aurumeg employs in manufacturing our caskets. From the multi-layer stain and finish process of our wood products, our construction is truly a step above the rest.

Personalization options

Only Aurumeg offers so many choices to honor a life well lived. Many Aurumeg products include these special features to help make the funeral more meaningful and provide a personal and touching reminder of all that made the loved one unique.

Payment term

To show re truly care and are in the business of supporting families pay proper tribute to their lost loved ones, we provide flexible payment terms for people who may not have the liberty to pay for a casket upfront. Also, to help you ease the burden of funeral arrangement, we cover the transportation to your location at no extra cost

What's the weight of the casket

Abrempong range of caskets weighs approximately between 49.5kg and 65.5kg

What are the dimentions

Length: 208.28cm

Height: 45.72 cm

Width: 68.85cm

Will the deceased fit in the casket?

The interior dimensions of our caskets are standardized such that a normal person of average body size should fit perfectly.

In an instance where you feel the deceased is bigger or taller than the average person, you can check out our oversized casket range and place an order

Will the casket fit the grave size?

A standard grave is 76.2cm wide by 243.84cm long and 182.88cm deep. These dimensions take into account room for a marker or headstone.

This means the casket will fit into the grave alright