Why bury with a casket?

This is part one of a new series called “the decision maker”. In this series, we shall elaborate more on the key things to consider before making a decision to buy a casket. We’ll look at it right from when an event occurs to the aftermath of the funeral.

So, let’s jump right into it.

We all agree that humans have been burying their dead in ancient time. Before civilization came to this part of the world, our ancestors found different ways to preserve the remains of their dead. While in modern time, burying in a casket or coffin has become commonplace, some religions and tribes still bury their lost loved ones without them.

But do we really need to bury in a casket/coffin? Looking at the rising cost in buying them year after year? What advantage do you get should you decide to buy with a casket?

Truth be told, caskets/coffins are now so widespread because they serve some practical and emotional purposes. We use them primarily to bury our dead but also use them in a variety of ways and for different reasons. Here are some of the reasons you should buy one to bury your dead. This list is in no order of importance

To preserve the body

A casket provides a protective environment for preserving the bodies of our lost loved ones. People most especially buy hardwood/ metal caskets to prevent moisture and bacterial from the soil from reaching the body and accelerating its decomposition faster.

To honor the dead

Many people think of their loved ones as sleeping but not dead. This is very typical in situations whereby the deceased is a historical figure or an influential religious/ political personality. With this in mind, people tend to want to make sure the final resting place of these personalities are comfortable. A hardwood coffin/casket lined with the finest fabric, with pillow creates the impression of comfort and rest. This seems more comforting and respectful than just putting them in the earth

To display the body

Coffins are also used to display the body before burial. Many families do this in order to pay their last tribute to the dead and see it as the last time they’ll have the chance to see the dead before they depart from the earth

To protect public health

If a person died from a communicable disease such as cholera, Covid-19, etc., coffins serve as a medium to reduce the chance of contracting the illness. This most especially protects those in charge of performing the final funeral rights such as the pallbearers, undertakers etc. It also prevents the bacterial/virus from seeping into the surrounding soil and ground water.

Contain the scent of decay

Decaying bodies create unpleasant odor over time.  Caskets/coffins help contain the smell that comes with the decaying body.

Today’s living has made coffins and casket be a customary product for almost all with the exception of a few religious bodies and tribes.  It is the single most important item used in all funerals and burials. They have come to stay and they serve a far greater purpose than not having to use them.

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