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A Good Life Lived Deserves A Goodbye

Supporting Families Pay Proper Tributes To Thier Lost Loved Ones

We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality and properly finished Hardwood caskets at very affordable prices.

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Lets easen the burden

Aside our prices being the most affordable on the market, we also provide you with easy payment terms such that you can make payments after the funeral.

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Selecting a casket is an integral part of making funeral arrangements. Several factors influence your choice and determine its value. Choose from a variety of materials, designs and features to make the casket special for the funeral service you arrange.



Refined styling, premium materials and exceptional finishes are hallmarks of the Abrempong Collection. These caskets feature the finest craftsmanship and are preferred by those seeking a classic elegance.

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Traditional styling holds broad appeal. These caskets are constructed from basic materials and feature straightforward designs with simple lines and details.

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Readily biodegradable and suitable for cremation and all types of burial.

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These caskets are made for oversized individuals. They are custom made and feature designsfrom Adehye, Obrempong or loyalty ranges.

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One of the saddest things about our work is trying to reflect a life that hasn’t yet been or has been cut short.
We appreciate how difficult this can be and do everything we possibly can to soften the experience for each client family.

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Personalization features add a distinct touch, allowing you to express individuality and share something special about your loved one’s life.

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Download our 2021 brochure

Discover our curated collection of beautiful caskets ad coffins to help you choose one for your lost loved one with the latest edition of the Casket brochure.

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What our customers say

“Exactly the same casket and you offered it for so much less. Easy online form and I liked how fast delivery was made. Greatly appreciated.”

Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness  and the value was great. Thanks.”

“Lady was very pleasant and helpful. She was knowledgeable on the products and with her help we selected an appropriate casket for my brother.”

“Quality was beyond what was seen in the picture. Great service, great savings and I will recommend your service if needed. Delivered to my family home for free without paying extra”

Don’t let an emotional loss turn into a financial loss.

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We offer top-quality, premium caskets and coffins for sale at a fraction of the cost of buying from elsewhere.